Saturday, April 30, 2011

Virtual Classroom Opportunity This Summer

Want to collaborate to build some curriculum aligned activities to support all learners without being physically tied-down to a schedule this summer? Interested in learning about and sharing new tools or new ways to use them? Want to advance your learning to the next level of technology adoption or help others get there? Please consider joining our Virtual Classroom.

Open from June 13th - July 20th - Online Class
  • U97 CO363-1 - Sign up through U97 online registration
  • 1.0 U97 credit
  • 15 hours of work time (See requirements below)
  • 24/7 classroom
  • Opportunities for personal collaboration/lab time on Wednesdays, if prearranged. In-person lab time is not required.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Redefining Research: U97 in March

Here is some information about a course I'm teaching in March. If you have the time, or you know of teachers in your building still tied to the old ways of research, this is a class to participate in. If you have children of your own, or you are in graduate school, it will help a great deal.

Technology has transformed the way we find and use information. Learn to leverage technology to transform and streamline the traditional research process in order to meet the challenges of living and working in the 21st Century. Beneficial for all life-long learners, this class will open the door to a whole new way of doing research.

Session 1: Intro to 21st Century Research
Session 2: Using Microsoft Word - Tips and tricks you probably don't know.
Session 3: Digital Tools for Finding, Organizing and Working with Information
Session 4: Innovative Research Projects
Session 5: Design a Project, or Apply it to an Existing Project

Universal Design for Learning will be discussed throughout the course in order to provide multiple means of accessing and using information. Learn how to help all of the students in your classroom succeed!

View full course description

Friday, January 28, 2011

MathCasts: Work Session

If you are a Digital Leader who teaches math, you're invited to a one hour paid meeting to help get an exciting initiative rolling. My goal is to work collaboratively as a district to create a wiki of MathCasts and I need some samples and feedback from you to get the ball rolling. This initiative has support from the Teaching and Learning department.

A MathCast uses VoiceThread as a tool to provide an online demo to help students and their parents review strategies for solving a math problem covered in class. It's a simple, yet powerful use of technology.Think of how valuable a wiki of MathCasts aligned to our curriculum could be!

Click the play button below to view one for yourself.

I know you are busy as bees, and I assure you the commitment to this project is only the one hour of paid time, followed by sharing your excitement about the project with your coworkers informally. No more work will be asked of you and you won't be asked to teach your co-workers how to create them. I will learn from you and then take it from there.

Anyone interested? Please feel free to let me know if you plan to attend the one hour work session in the comments section of this blog, or wait for me to check in a second time via email next week.

Paid Work Session: Details
    • Monday, Feb. 7th
    • 4:00-5:00 (I'm willing to start early and stay late to accommodate busy schedules)
    • Central Office
    • Bring your charged laptop.

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    ICE Workshop Registration Deadline

    Just a note...

    If you are planning on attending one of the full-day or half-day workshops at the conference this year, the deadline for registration is Tuesday, February 1, 2011. If you are planning to attend the general conference you can register at anytime.

    ICE will be held on February 22nd-25th at Pheasant Run in St. Charles. A registration link can be found in the sidebar. Is anyone going?

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Happy New Year to All!

    Seeking Glogster samples:
    I'm building a new collection of glogs for my upcoming workshop on January 4th and invite you to send me the link to your best glog sample. I will publish it in a new collection, credit you, and then share it. Watch it grow on the Cool Tools Blog.

    Universal Design for Learning integration for SmartBoards:
    If you are using a SmartBoard and would like to help us integrate Universal Design for Learning to maximize instruction, please email me to set up a time for the team to visit your classroom when you are using it.

    Collaborative Learning Projects in 2011:
    • Regions of the US
    • Coming to America
    • VoiceThread Book Reviews
    • Tech Connections
    Learn more on the Cool Tools Blog.

    Upcoming U97 workshops,
    Tuesdays, 4:00-7:00
    • Jan. 4, Using a glog to construct knowledge
    • Jan. 11, Using a wiki to construct knowledge
    • Jan. 18, Using VoiceThread to construct knowledge
    • Jan. 25th, Using Prezi to construct knowledge
    • ...more in February 
    More info in the sidebar.

    Thursday, December 30, 2010

    Calling All Readers

    Here is a special invitation for those who love to read to contribute to our VoiceThread Book Review project. Thanks to Katharine Klette for providing us with the idea and an example! I would like to build one and watch it grow.

    Here are the rules and a quick form:
    • Students must use an avatar and pen name.
    • Only personal, not private information may be revealed
    • Reviewers are encouraged to check back and comment on other book reviews.

    Monday, December 13, 2010

    ICE Conference

    The 25th annual Illinois Computing Educators Conference will be held at Pheasant Run in St. Charles on February 22nd-25th this year. For those of you who have never gone, you might want to consider attending this popular conference. You can choose to attend a full-day workshop, 1/2 day workshop, or attend the general conference filled with continuous 45 minute breakout sessions throughout the day. The format of the conference has changed a bit from year's past so please make a note of this if you would like to go. Learn more by visiting the ICE Conference website. Registration is now open.

    If you are interested in attending, my advice is to first ask your principal to send you, based on the fact that you are a building Digital Leader. You might want to suggest a way you will share your learning with the staff at your school upon your return. If that doesn't work and you would still like to go, don't be discouraged. I will ask if there is any money available for this in the curriculum and/or tech budget.